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Shodan Seiwakai Goju Ryu Karate-Do
Nidan Kaizen Ryu Karate Do
Gold Kata Medallist FSKA World Karate Championships 2011

At some point reasonably early on in a karateka’s journey the decision is made that achieving black belt is vitally important. This goal becomes a driving force for many people and sees great effort and determination put into every training session. Some are fortunate enough to reach this target, while for others life can get in the way.
Reaching senior black belt is a mark of tremendous dedication and self-discipline. A level of fitness, physical and mental toughness and fighting ability that set the student apart from the regular rank and file. It takes years to achieve but stays with you a lifetime. It represents the completion of your basic training and should be seen as equivilent to completing your GCSE level education.
However, what happens next is when karate becomes really interesting. Now follows training and improvement toward and through your higher dan grades. Years pass between each milestone; indeed the minimum requirement is equal to the dan level so 2 years for 2nd dan, 3 years for 3rd dan and so on. It’s when the real learning begins and continues. It’s also when the colour around your waist no longer becomes important to you.
The very best keep their head down and train without complaint week in, week out. Their minds are more open, more receptive, because they are no longer interested in the race to black belt. During this time you find out a lot about yourself and it’s a strong test of the individual to give up negative ego and truly be a committed student.
Dominik encapsulates all of this. He continues to put in as many hours in the dojo as he can; most weeks training 2 or more days a week, and is reliable and competent for assisting in class as well as other important karate tasks; like becoming an assistant grade examiner. He fought hard to achieve his senior black belt and pushed through to pass his second dan. He is now on the way to his club 3rd and Seiwakai Nidan but, most importantly, you’ll not find a better example of someone who has overcome these challenges and emerged on the other side with wisdom and humility.

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