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Sandan Seiwakai Goju Ryu Karate-Do
Nidan Kaizen Ryu Karate Do
Gold Kata Medallist TKF National Championships 2015
Competed for JKF Great Britain 2016-2017 in Japan

Dominance in Sport Karate is nigh on impossible to attain and even harder to maintain. Just when you make that breakthrough your rival puts the dojo time in and comes back with answers to your performance that end your reign.
However, if you really apply yourself and make the most of your youth, talent and opportunity, it is possible to beat your rivals so convincingly that they find it all but impossible to catch you up. Jasmine has over the years been working hard on all aspects of her karate but has really thrown herself at the tournament training. As a member of our Senior Squad, Yudansha, and the Association JKF Great Britain Team, she has taken every opportunity to train, better herself and work with or around her injuries. She has also had many great tournament years, competing in Las Vegas, Sardinia, Japan and Hungary and hauling in an impressive amount of silverware in the process.

For many years, Jasmine has been an invaluable instructor for the club, teaching nightly for a few years and helping and inspiring so many students along the way. Her humour, charm, and coaching strengths has earnt her multiple awards of the prestigious  Instructor of the Year Award.
Jasmine recently achieved her rank of Sandan in Seiwakai Goju Ryu Karate-Do in Slovakia, making her one of the top ranking female karate in Seiwakai England. For now however, Jasmine is continuing her martial arts passion in Australia whilst pursuing a different career path.

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