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After nearly twenty years’ of continuous training, Tyrone Briscoe sets one of the most complete examples of what it means to be a karateka.
From his traditional roots to his illustrious sporting career, he has been at the forefront of these different aspects of karate. As an exemplar of training attitude, humility and determination he is often seen setting the pace. As an athlete you often find him raising the bar.
Having developed outstanding ability from his prodigious talent, Tyrone has not had the easiest journey; at times the odds were massively stacked against him. Born with a rare heart defect, he was hours’ old when he had to undergo major, life-saving surgery to redirect the blood flow through his valve chambers. Tyrone was born also with only one kidney. His achilles tendons were drastically smaller and restrictive than they should have been leading to yet more surgery and meaning that he started his first karate class with us at the Poplar Dojo with both his legs in plaster.
We have watched this super-enthusiastic child develop through as a fiery adolescence into a man and wonderful human being.
He has taken a more senior role within the club; currently teaching at the Bow Dojo. A long-time member of our Senior Squad, Yudansha, he is also coaching the junior squad and inspiring another generation into Sport Karate.
In previous years he has traveled the World competing at a very high level and trained in Japan with the art’s best.

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