£35 per month
Started on January 1, 2021Tuesday – Friday evenings & Saturday mornings. Please see Timetable for full times & locations

Our coaches are passionate about and expert in developing students through their karate journey. Over the many years we have been doing so we’ve also learned what students can do to progress as fast as they can and achieve fantastic results for themselves. Consistency is key for us and this is reflected in our long term coaching plans, our individual approach to your development and our training policies: All students are allowed and encouraged to attend as many classes as possible each week for the same monthly fee.

Unlike nearly all other clubs, we ask a small monthly training fee and ask that you come down to any and all classes that you can each week. This includes training in multiple classes in one day; for example starting at 6pm and completing both the 6pm-7pm session and the 7:30pm-8:30pm session. It also includes training at any of our different dojo locations. And, of course, it includes turning up to different days throughout every week.

We’ve found that this approach has seen huge improvements in standard across all of our students. Our average member is completing 4 hours every week in training; some as much as 12 to 15 hours every week. Everyone pays the same monthly amount for this outstanding commitment to your improvement. Compare this ethos to other martial arts schools, where you might be paying upwards of £10 for one session per week, and we hope you can see how enthusiastic we are about getting you to improve?

We are open throughout the year, including school holidays, with only 3 short breaks to give the instructors some time to reset themselves. We want to give you an environment to develop a habit of training regularly and enjoying your hobby to the maximum.

Office Hours

9am-4pm Monday to Friday
12pm - 5pm Weekends.

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Hackney / Bethnal Green / Bow / Ilford / Dagenham
Tel: 07743764234

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