£10 per class
Started on July 5, 2020Sunday 11am - 2pm

In order to reach the highest levels in Karate it is essential to take on the appropriate training for your level. Senior Grade Training is open to our senior brown belt (3rd kyu) members and above. We cover Black Belt level techniques and concepts with a real focus on advanced technique and fighting (kumite). These sessions are normally 2 to 3 hours long and demanding both physically and mentally; even more so than normal.

Concentrating on specific details allows these students to progress efficiently up the ranks from 1st Dan all the way up. We have an exceptionally high pass rate for students of ours attempting their own Japanese Dan grade ranks; with many 2nd , 3rd and 4th Dan in line. Clearly, progression takes time and we are fortunate to have students who have been training with us for nearly 20 years.

This strength in depth helps the whole club maintain its high standard as leadership is given not only from the principal instructors but also the students who are standing in line. Inspiring and guiding the lower grades is a vital part of how karate grows and it is important to have this edification process at every level.

Just as the junior ranks need guidance so do the seniors. This is no different for the Black Belt level students which our sessions are aimed at. We demand, and receive, commitment for Senior Grade Training sessions.  Any new members coming to these classes need to bear this in mind. We meet once a month and the dates are published well ahead. If consistent non attendance occurs please refrain from coming until your situation changes to allow you to appear more regularly.  Attending Senior Grade Training carries an additional fee of £10 per session. Please pay this as you go when you attend. Open to any of our brown and belt belt members of all ages.

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