£10 per class
Started on July 4, 2020Saturday 1pm - 3pm

Alongside our regular sessions we also have two regular classes with specific aims to further
enhance your karate in different areas. These are our Open Squad and Senior Grade sessions.

Sport karate and competing is something we are experienced in and very serious about.
Through committed effort and structured training regimes, our members have consistently achieved
fantastic results at high level.

We have a dedicated tournament squad for seniors (our “Yudansha” team) and for younger
competitors (our “Ko Yudansha” team). Entry requirements for these teams are strict and based on
ability and results at competition. Both of these groups train in tournament specific sessions of at
least 3 hours at a time on top of their regular classes. The results they achieve both domestically and
abroad are tremendous and a reward for the extreme efforts they apply through the year.

All members are welcome and encouraged to join the training sessions where our squad work. If
you’re interested in taking on some competition then completing tournament specific training is an
absolute must. We don’t want you to step onto the mat unprepared.

There is no need to book but we expect a decent level of commitment if you decide to continue with
Open Squad Training. Missing the occasional session is understandable. Please bear in mind, though,
the coaches will be dedicating time and resources into your individual training regime to obtain the
best performance from you. If you think you’ll be able to make an acceptable number of sessions
advertised (calendar available in class) we’d love to see more students come down and develop their
competitive karate career in the best place possible to do so.

Squad training is intense and challenging. It is also tremendous fun and being part of this exciting
team is a fantastic experience you’ll remember throughout your entire karate journey; whatever
results you get.

As an extra-curricular program, attending Open Squad Training carries an additional fee of £10 per
session. Please pay this as you go when you attend. Open to any of our members.

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